An important message from
Tony Dungy to Floridians

All human beings have value. That fact doesn’t change based on their age, health, or level of ability. The Human Life Protection Amendment embeds this truth into the Florida constitution.

We need about 1 million signed petitions in order to get this on the 2022 mid-term ballot. If you didn’t get your petitions submitted by the Christmas Day deadline, we will still be accepting signed petitions through the month of January. Please mail yours in today!

Please sign, send & share today. It only takes a minute.

After you fill out the petition, be sure to…

1) Sign

Make sure everything looks correct, and sign and date your complete printed petition.

2) Send

Protect Human Life Florida
14260 W Newberry Road, #420
Newberry, FL 32669

3) Share

Please email and text the link to this site to your fellow Floridians as well as sharing on social media!


“All human beings have a right to life regardless of age, illness, or disability when there is a detectable heartbeat.”

Other ways you can help

Already signed the petition and looking for more ways to lend a hand? Thank you! Here are some things we need…

Share with Your Friends!

We need to get the word out to as many Florida voters as possible. Email, text and post this site.

Help us Collect Signatures

Pick up some petition packets at a Hub Site or print out some copies and collect signatures yourself.

Support the Movement

This is an enormous effort that has been supported through the generosity of people like you!

How can I sign the petition?

To account for the time it takes for signed petitions to be returned to us, processed on our end, and submitted to the Supervisors of Elections of each respective county for validation, we will be collecting last minute petitions through the end of January 2022.

Because this is an official petition to the State of Florida, we need nearly a million physically-signed petitions. We have three ways to do that…

1) Use the tool

We made a tool that lets you use your phone or computer to quickly fill out and print the petition. It only takes a minute. Click here to fill it out.

2) Download the petition

Print it out, fill it out and mail it out. We have it available in Spanish and Haitian Creole as well.

3) Visit a Hub Site

We have Hub Sites all across Florida where you can get and turn in petitions. Click here to find one near you.

Floridians would be protected regardless of…




The Proposed Amendment

(a) RIGHTS. All human beings have a right to life regardless of age, illness, or disability when there is a detectable heartbeat.
(b) APPLICABILITY. This amendment is not intended to impede medical management of an ectopic pregnancy, law enforcement operations, or imposition of the death penalty for a capital offense.
(c) IMPLEMENTATION. Within 12 months of the effective date of this section, the Legislature shall enact legislation to implement this section in a manner fully consistent with its purpose.

This is a big, but doable, effort


We need a total of 891,589 signed and validated petitions from registered Florida voters.



For perspective, that’s 8% of the votes cast in the 2020 presidential election.



We also need to meet minimum petition thresholds in 14 of Florida’s 27 congressional districts.

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